Pads are small areas of copper in predetermined shapes normally used to make a connection to a component pin. In some cases and anti-pad is needed which means the predetermined shapes are removed from the copper. Generally an anti-pad is used around a via to isolate it from a power plane where a connection is not needed.

Pads是预定形状的小面积铜区域,通常用于连接到元器件引脚。 在某些情况下,需要anti-pad,这意味着从铜上去除了预定的形状。 通常,在过孔周围使用anti-pad将其与不需要连接的电源层隔离。


If you took all the pads needed to solder a component to the top or bottom layer of the printed circuit board it may be referred to as a land. Making electrical connections throughout the entire board may require vias. When using the plated through hole technology vias are not included in the land pattern. The general method is to use a small trace to connect the land and via to make the appropriate electrical connection.


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